Few people have the privilege to ask themselves when they are happy with their chosen career, what else would they would like and be able to do passionately? For László the answer came easy:
László would consider himself a self-thought photographer but with due credit to his master mentors like Joseph Marx of Marosvásárhely, Romania who thought him the first course in photography and dark room techniques in 1983 and with many in between to Gokhan Cukurova’s wedding photography course and continued suport and encouragement.
László chose to be a Zoological Manager  in his professional life so no wonder nature  is his first and therefore most influential love in photography, his hobby, also. When one trains his/her eye to see, and develops skills to capture and show beauty, it is almost impossible to resist expanding the boundaries and thus he gradually dabbed into street, documentary,  portrait and events photography also.
László has the ambitious goal to create at least one picure, be part of a memorable work of a group in his life time that will be appreciated way past his time on Earth. Whether he will ever achieve his goal or not, he might never find out, but he is certain that the road toward his goal is joy in itself especially when joined by like minded individuals.

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